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Today’s laser vision correction treatments seem to nearly effortlessly free people from their dependence on glasses and contact lenses. Irrespective of that perception, the excimer lasers used to create this modern day miracle are some of the most sophisticated medical devices ever invented.
With over 10 million Laser vision correction procedures having been performed worldwide, there is a strong competition amongst Excimer laser manufacturers to establish market position for their devices. Such competition has created unprecedented advancement in Excimer laser technology and numerous device enhancements that have served to improve procedure outcomes. The safety of the Laser technology and the clinical outcomes do not depend on the Hz (e.g. 200 hz, 400hz, 500hz) that the machine works on, but rather the laser delivery and clinical expertise.
Unlike any other Excimer laser manufacturer, VISX has been involved in the development of laser vision correction technology from the beginning. In many respects, it can be reasonably stated that VISX ‘invented’ laser vision correction. Many of its founders conceived of, enhanced or patented the core concepts of laser vision correction. The success of VISX, when compared to all other competing laser platforms past or present, has been primarily founded upon an unparalleled commitment and investment in Research and Development efforts in the field of Laser Vision Correction technology. Today these efforts are represented by their achievement of the capacity for delivering the most sophisticated Custom Wavefront procedures in the world.
Why Visx is the best Laser Technology for years ?
The widest FDA approval of any laser system worldwide providing superior surgical
option for more patients than any other laser platform.

The highest level of resolution of wavefront refractive error due to the use of Fourier


Active 3-D eye tracking compensates for intraoperative eye movement in all

dimensions. No other platform has 3-D eye tracking capabilities.
Iris Registration (IR) – the only laser platform that centers and aligns the treatment
  while compensating for eye cyclorotation and physiologic pupil migration. VISX has
  the first and only fully FDA-approved, fully automated, non-contact method of alignment
  of the correct customized treatment to the corneal site.

The only system that compensates for pupil migration during physiologic pupil dilation

  resulting in more accurate laser pulse placement.

Variable Spot Scanning (VSS): The only platform that delivers variable beam sizes

from as small as 0.65 mm up to 6.5 mm scanned over the treatment area thereby
conserving tissue, optimizing treatment times, reducing corneal drying intra-
operatively and reducing adverse thermal load to the delicate corneal tissue.
Variable Repetition Rate (VRR): VRR delivers treatment at varying repetition rates,
optimizing treatment time and reducing the adverse effects of thermal loading of the
delicate corneal tissue.
   The VISX Star is the first choice for refractive surgeons
There are more VISX systems used in the United States than all other competing laser platforms combined. That market dominance continues to increase as AMO-VISX continues to introduce additional advancements and technical innovations.
RUSHABH was the first in India to adopt VISX Star S4 Advanced System based on the benefits it provides over the other systems. Rushabh Eye Hospital & Laser Center is an authorised VISX user certified by AMO-VISX, USA.
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