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As shown below a thin protective flap of corneal tissue is folded back. The Excimer Laser then reshapes tissue from the inner cornea to correct the individual's refractive error with exceptional accuracy. The corneal flap is placed back in its position where it bonds.
  Flap creation
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Schedule an appointment for Pre-Lasik checkup at RUSHABH. The LASIK Consultation is complimentary if you just wish to speak with our Doctors and Team about the benefits of Laser Vision correction and your suitability for the procedure. You may be assured that our Doctors will offer you the procedure if you will benefit and have better vision.
The Pre-Lasik check up at RUSHABH is performed by Doctors themselves, as they believe that is the most important part of the laser procedure. This will determine if your eyes are fit to have Lasik and the procedure that will suit your eyes the most eg: Standard Lasik, Custom Lasik or Epi-Lasik.The complete check up takes about half an hour to 45 mins.
The steps in LASIK Correction are as below.
On the day of your LASIK, make sure to eat before you come in.  Drink plenty of water, and avoid alcohol and caffeine.  We ask you not to wear any eye makeup.  Since perfume, deodorants, after shave or cologne can interfere with the laser, we ask you not to wear them.
You will need a driver or relative to bring you to the clinic as well as to take you home after LASIK. You can expect to be with us for 2 hours.  When you check into our office on the day of surgery, you will read and sign a consent form.You will then meet with the patient education counselor who will explain the procedure to you and provide you with your post-operative drops and instruct you on how to use them.
Next, the surgical assistant will cleanse the area around your eyes and bring you into the Laser suite. When you lie down under the laser, you will be instructed to look up at a light.  Anesthetic drops will be placed in your eye.  A drape will be positioned on your eyes to prevent you from blinking. When the procedure begins, you may feel some pressure.  When optimal pressure with the suction ring is achieved, the Amadeus 2 will create the flap, which takes less than 15 seconds.  The suction ring is then removed. The Laser is then applied to the eye and the laser application typically takes less than 30 seconds. When both eyes are done, the assistant will put in Antibiotic and Lubricating Eye drops. You will be allowed to go home and rest. Your vision starts improving the same evening as surgery. You may experience light sensitivity and watering on the day of treatment. Lie down for a few hours with your eyes closed. Many people say their eyes feel great when they wake up.
Your first follow up appointment after LASIK is the next day.  Most people see well enough to drive themselves to this appointment.  You will also have appointments at approximately 1week and again at 1 month and later if necessary. Your doctor will monitor you at each visit to ensure proper healing and visual recovery.
  Your understanding of LASIK is important to us.  Our goal is to answer all your questions through personalized consultations, our comprehensive website, patient CD's, educational videos, and access to our expert staff.
  You must not wear soft contact lenses for one week prior to the pre-lasik evaluation & the laser procedure.
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