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Rushabh LASIK Clinic
Laser Vision correction or LASIK takes you from wearing glasses or contact lenses to clear natural vision in a matter of minutes.

LASIK at Rushabh Eye Hospital & Laser Center is done using one of the most technologically advanced and state of the art VISX STAR S4 IR Excimer Laser Systems. The first and only Lasik machine in Mumbai to offer Custom vision correction with Iris Registration, giving patients the chance to achieve exceptional visual clarity. This  Laser   System can  treat spectacle  numbers from + 6.0 to - 14.0 with exceptional accuracy & safety. This is the most preferred technology in the USA.

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Rushabh Cataract Clinic
Contrary to popular belief, Cataract is not caused by eye strain or reading too much, but is a result of aging , injury, steroid use, exposure to UV light, smoking & diabetes. Almost every person develops cataract changes as the eye ages. It is a natural process of eye aging.

Just behind the pupil of your eye is the lens. This focuses the light entering the pupil to make a clear image in the retina. The retina changes the image into a nerve impulse so that the brain can “see” it. Usually the lens of the eye is crystal clear so that it the light passes through it easily. If any cloudiness develops in the lens then it starts to block the light passing through and the patient begins to get blurred vision. This clouding of the lens is called CATARACT. When the blurring gets worse it is better to have the cloudy lens removed by an operation and replaced by a clear man-made lens.

Rushabh Glaucoma Clinic
Glaucoma is caused by the build-up of fluid inside the front of the eye. This fluid causes abnormal pressure inside the eye and can damage the optic nerve at the back of the eye, which in turn can cause progressive and irreversible damage to vision. This damage is permanent, so it is important that glaucoma be diagnosed at an earlier stage.
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Rushabh Retina Clinic
The retina is like the film in a camera.  It is the seeing tissue of the eye.  When the focused light hits the retina, a picture is created and sent to the brain through the optic nerve (the nerve of the eye), thus giving us vision.
Rushabh Eye hospital & Laser Center is equipped with the most advanced equipments to diagnose and treat Retinal diseases.
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Rushabh Cornea Clinic
Cornea is the clear outer surface of the eye and is often referred to as a watchglass.
Cornea clinic is an integral part of Rushabh Eye Hospital & Laser Center . About 2.5 million people in India suffer from Corneal Blindness. Hence early diagnosis, prompt management and treatment of this problem is absolutely mandatory.
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Rushabh Laser Services
GREEN LASER : For Retinal Conditions
YAG LASER : For After cataract
EXCIMER LASER : For Laser Vision Correction
Squint Evaluation and Surgery
For treatment of various Lid conditions and Endonasal DCR –persistent watering eyes.
Squint & Oculoplasty Clinic
Rushabh Eye Care Services
At Rushabh Eye hospital and Laser center we offer specialized Comprehensive Eye Check - Up for Adults & for Children.
Eye Care for Adults
Eye Care for Children
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